Reasons to be Cheerful

Do you want to be happy? Yes? Then think of seven good things that happened to you yesterday.

These can be the great things like the beauty of nature, or just the teeny little things that made you smile. When you think of these things and let your gratitude for them generate inside you, you will not be able to be miserable.

How does it work? Well your mind can only think of one thing at a time so whilst you are thinking of happy things you cannot be thinking of the unpleasant. Plus, whilst your brain is getting a ‘high’ from its happy system it is in fact inhibiting the structures that create sad feelings.

Is finding seven things too difficult? It should be easy to do but if you are having trouble just ponder this for a moment. All things in this world are here just for you. No one can have the same experiences at the same time and place that you do. Even standing next to you, a person will still see from a different perspective. Your experience is yours – and yours alone!

My seven?

1)      Watching a blackbird and hearing it sing

2)      Being in the position to help a business associate secure three clients

3)      Finding out about the human brain and realising just how wonderful it is

4)      Appreciating the  brilliance of  social media for connecting me with people I would otherwise never meet

5)      Listening to my colleague’s laughter and watching how her jovial attitude diffuses many uncomfortable situations

6)      Tasting the sweet ripeness of a pear

7)      Understanding that even while my friend was reproaching me, he was actually saying, ‘I love you’.

Have you thought of yours yet? What are they? Leave a message telling me about them. Go on,

1) ….

One thought on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Its still early but here is my 7 so far:-

    1. Waking up to the smile of my lovely boyfriend.
    2. A yummy cup of tea I didnt have to make myself
    3. Watching CBBC with children (and seeing it through their eyes)it really is very funny.
    4. The puddle on the drive way (cause it hasnt rained in weeks)
    5. My little girls soft hands touching my face.
    6. A joke shared with the 12 year old boy.
    7. The angelic look on the face of the still sleeping 7 year old.

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